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Self Service VS Full Service Movers

When it comes to moving we have two options, one is self service and the other is full service movers.

There are several advantages and disadvantages when it comes to Self Service VS Full Service Movers. Before you decide on what you want to do such as move yourself or hire a professional company, it is in your best interest to consider the pros and cons of both options. You must be familiar with the option of what you get by hiring a full service mover and also with the self service option. However there are many other details you might not have paid attention to.

The difference in Self Service VS Full Service Movers is with self service you have to pack everything yourself as you know and this would mean a lot of workload. The advantage is the self assurance you get at the end of the day and the knowledge of knowing that all your things are like you want them to be. With a full service mover all your packing may not go as per your plan but since they are professionals who move for many people they do know how to pack everything. There are many full service moving companies that offer tailor made plans for their customers. They offer options where you can still do the packing yourself and even make a reservation where a trailer is dropped of at home. Once this is done you can start loading the truck at your own pace and how you want to after which you can call the moving company and they help you load the truck In Self service you have to lug all the cartons to the trucks yourself whether heavy or light and you need to plan the space on the truck. All this has to be done without any help which is a major disadvantage.

So spending that extra money on partial service would still be worth it as compared to back breaking work. When it comes to Self Service VS Full Service Movers the major advantage you have with the former you save a considerable amount of money because hiring a mover is an expensive affair. The most sensible thing to do however is meeting halfway and go in for a partial service if you are very budget conscious. It is also possible to cut costs by being smart with your mover. For example when you hire a professional mover you can check all the hidden costs and believe me there would be several like surcharges, after service fee and excess that you were not informed or informed the last minute leaving you with no choice but take it. These kinds of things can be avoided by planning in advance. Also you can save on cartons by buying your own containers at a cheaper place and you can either estimate yourself or take the help of your mover.

 You can bargain on things like cartons, the space required on the truck with your mover and ask them to cut you some slack.

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