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Moving Truck Rental

Renting a moving truck is one of the most popular ways for an individual or a family to move from one home to another. Moving truck rental is also a popular method used by businesses moving excess inventory, equipment or old files that need to be maintained and stored but not necessarily required to be kept at the location of the business. An example of a business needing to move and store files somewhere other than at their place of business might be a law firm or an accounting firm.


There are many popular moving truck rental companies that make moving trucks of varied sizes available for rental. Some of them are: U-Haul, Ryder, Penske and Budget. Each of these companies has comparable rates for local rentals, which usually start at a flat daily rate with mileage requirements.

Having said that, some moving truck rental companies offer unlimited mileage on daily rentals to be used on a local basis, rather than placing a limit on mileage.

For long-distance moves, the rates can vary greatly depending on how far and how long you will need the moving truck rental. Also, the size of the rented moving truck obviously affects the rate charged for the moving truck rental. The number of days that you will have the truck will affect the mileage and so will the destination. For instance, a moving truck rental from New York City to Baltimore would warrant a 3 or 4 day rental, whereas a moving truck rental from New York City to Phoenix, Arizona would justify many more days, perhaps 8 or 9. Most rental companies will let you specify how many days you need the truck, unless there is an extremely high demand for that particular size truck at the return destination.

In addition, for a long distance move, very few moving truck rental companies offer unlimited mileage. They generally offer a certain number of miles per day (for example, 400 miles per day, which would give you a total of 2800 “free” miles for a 7 day rental). When you return the moving truck at the return destination, you will be charged a per mile charge for every mile over the specified amount. (These rates vary from company to company.) These extra miles can increase the price dramatically, so make sure you know where you’re going and don’t get lost if you help it!

We can help you to get free quotes from highly regarded truck rental companies in DC with a few clicks. This is a free offer and there are no obligations involved at all. We will not provide your contact information to anyone without your permission.

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