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Planning and preparation are probably the only two areas you have to keep in mind when shipping your car long distance.

If you fail in any of these areas, chances are that an other wise simple operation like car moving can turn into an unpleasant experience.

Here are some highlights of both planning and preparation that you should be aware of:

Planning - Are you driving the car yourself or taking the help of a car moving company? - Are you going to opt for door to door deliver or terminal to terminal option is more suitable? - Are you going to opt for open carrier system of transportation or would rather choose enclosed carrier mode, though it may be more expensive. - Does your existing car insurance policy cover your car in transit? If not, what arrangements are you going to make to cover your car against theft or damage during transit? - Have you studied the moving company’s insurance policy in detail and thoroughly and know for sure what is the coverage plan before buying the coverage from them? - Have you finalized your car moving date? - Are you ready with the advance deposit amount which you have to give to the car moving company when you sign the contract?

 Preparation - Is your car ready for moving? This means, exterior and interior cleaning, full servicing, fuel tank less than half-full, folding of all accessories which jut out of the window, checking fluid and tire pressures, etc. - Have you thoroughly checked and agreed to the Inspection Report when the moving company handed it over to you? You have to be ready with this report when you take delivery of your vehicle and cross-check whether any part of the body or interiors have been damaged, dented, scratched, etc. This report will be critical when filing claim from insurance company. - Have you checked with the moving company regarding the average time schedule they maintain for delivering cars back to their customers? Are you prepared for any delay that might occur during transit due to adverse weather or road conditions? Delays also occur due to other customers abiding by the time schedules for pick ups, etc. If one customer delays in bringing his car to the terminal point the delay chain starts. Remember, car moving companies are dependent on the individual customers to be able to stick to the time schedule. - Have you removed all your personal belongings from the car before it gets loaded on to the truck? Things tend to get left behind in glove compartments and the boot.

It is worthwhile to remember that it is considered illegal for car companies to carry any personal effects in the car when it is being shipped. It is your responsibility to remove al such items from the car.

We can help you to get free quotes from highly regarded auto shipping companies in DC with a few clicks. This is a free offer and there are no obligations involved at all. We will not provide your contact information to anyone without your permission.

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